We should all be able to enjoy the beauties of Puerto Rico

The purpose of creating this program is to provide information of places available for people with disabilities and tour packages for people with disabilities, who require some help.
With this program we want to create awareness of the needs that this group have, and how with a little effort we can allow the enjoyment of plenty places in Puerto Rico.

ADA requires to have access for people with disabilities, very few willingly wants to help this group of people.
Now international tourists with disabilities have a tool available that allows them to plan their visit to Puerto Rico. This site will help us to attract these tourists to our beautiful island.
With our initiative we will collect information about the places that they can visit depending on the type of the disability. (physical, visual, auditory and intellectual).

This site represents a great opportunity to present Puerto Rico as a tourist destination suitable for people with disabilities, providing tools that facilitate the selection of hotels, restaurants and tourist places to visit. Making our beautiful island accessible for everyone.

As part of our vacation packages we provide assistance depending on the disability. If you are deaf, someone who knows sign language will be with you, and you will have a hotel room suitable for this type of disability.
If is blind, vacation packages for blind people will be provided. 
If you need a wheelchair, you will visit places where you use your  wheelchair. 

As part of our services we provide transport to different locations depending on your specific needs.
Addressing this group is a great opportunity, more than 10% of the world population has some disability, and we all deserve the right to enjoy our beautiful world.

Accessible Tourism in Puerto Rico

Vacation packages for all…Deaf, Blind, Handicap...